Prog imageBroadcast of The Borders of Sanity began on Monday 30th May 2016, on Radio 4 at 8pm.

It’s a global series looking at how culture shapes people’s experiences of mental illness and mental health. We look at depression in Japan, adolescent mental health in Sweden, voice-hearing in the UK, and healing in Ghana.

The series goes out on the World Service from 11th August, with a fifth episode featuring a roundtable discussion of some of the issues raised in the series.

You can access the Radio 4 episodes HERE. Helping us understand depression in Japan is a manga artist who’s been using his craft to try to communicate what he has been through. Here’s one of his images, above – there are more of them in a companion piece I wrote for BBC News Magazine (English / Japanese).

Below, you can see images from a manga that our Japan interviewee is currently working on, of our interview with him: the producer, Keith Moore, comes out of very well (on the left). Myself, a little less so…

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