Radio & TV

May 2018: Presenter for an episode of BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking (America: Inequality & Race)

April 2018: Dark Blossoms, series of The Essay for BBC Radio 3

April 2018: Supernatural Japan, BBC Radio 3 Sunday Feature

February 2018: The Music of Time: Japan, BBC World Service

August 2016 – December 2017: assistance to BBC and British Museum with the making of the Radio 4 and World Service series Living With The Gods. Contributor for the episode ‘Here Comes the Sun‘.

May 2017: Presenter for an episode of BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking (Japan, Korea, Hokusai)

March 2017: ‘Killing Time in Imperial Japan‘, episode of The Essay for BBC Radio 3.

February 2017: Presenter for an episode of BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking (Japan Now Festival)

October 2016: Presenter for an episode of BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking (Enoch Powell drama, The Supreme Court)

August/September 2016: The Borders of Sanity, BBC World Service version in five parts.

August 2016: BBC Proms Extra discussion on ‘Devils‘ with Rev Richard Coles and Imtiaz Dharker

August 2016: BBC Radio Scotland discussion on the Japanese Emperor’s wish to abdicate (Good Morning Scotland).

June 2016: Contribution on Mental Health in Ghana, From Our Own Correspondent, BBC Radio 4.

May/June 2016: Four-part BBC Radio 4 documentary: The Borders of Sanity

May 2016: Discussion with Rana Mitter and guests on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: The Tale of Genji / Culture and Psychotherapy

December 2015: Discussion with Philip Dodd and guests on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: Kenzaburo Oe and Japan

August 2015: BBC Radio 4 documentary: Archive on 4: Misunderstanding Japan

February 2015: Discussion with Mark Vernon and other guests on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: Buddhism, Mindfulness, and War

November 2014: Freud in Asia, radio documentary (‘Sunday Feature’) for BBC Radio 3.

May 2014: Discussion with Matthew Sweet on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking: Godzilla and Hayao Miyazaki [from 33 mins]

April 2014: Short film for BBC TV Arts: Cherry Blossoms and Depression in Japan

April 2014: Series of short films for Massolit Online Lectures in the Humanities: British India

February 2014: Series of short films for Massolit Online Lectures in the Humanities: The USA & Japan: 1941 – 52

[the trailer and the ‘Atomic Bombings’ episode can be viewed here]

December 2013: Radio column for BBC Radio 3 Night Waves: Christmas in Japan [from 26 mins]

December 2013: Discussion with Giles Fraser on BBC Radio 3 Night Waves: Psychotherapy and/vs religion [from 31.40 mins]

October/November 2013: Talk at BBC’s Free Thinking Festival, later broadcast on Radio 3 as The Essay: Therapy vs Prayer

June 2013: Radio column for BBC Radio 3 Night Waves: Psychoanalysis and Buddhism [from 28:30 mins]



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June 2018: BBC World Histories, ‘Japan’s Growing Pains’

January 2017: History Today, ‘Meiji Modernist’

October 2016: Aeon Magazine, ‘The Be All and End All’

July 2016: BBC News Magazine, ‘How Japan Came to Believe in Depression’

April 2016: review in The Telegraph of Frank Dikotter’s The Cultural Revolution

December 2015: review in The Telegraph of Kenzaburo Oe’s Death By Water

September 2015: Nonreligion and Secularity, ‘Japan’s First Psychotherapies: Between ‘Religion’ and ‘Therapy”

August 2015: BBC News Magazine, ‘Three Western Myths About Japan

December 2014: BBC History Magazine, ‘Real Lives of the Kamikaze’ [accompanying podcast here]

November 2014: Aeon Magazine, ‘Into Nothingness

November 2014: History Today, ‘Japan’s Blitz

June 2014: review in The Telegraph of Ben Shepard’s Headhunters: the Search for a Science of the Mind

January 2014: Aeon Magazine, Silent Communion: Is Christian Meditation a Contradiction?

November 2012: Aeon Magazine, Couched in Kindness: Jakucho Setouchi and Japanese Psychoanalysis’  English->French version

June 2011: History Today, Signposts: Modern India