Welcome to my website! I am a cultural historian of modern Japan and India, based at the University of Edinburgh.

To find out more about my writing and radio journalism, please follow the links above. For my research and teaching, please visit my university webpages. Do also feel free to get in touch, via my Contact page or LinkedIn.

My most recent book is The Japanese: A History in Twenty Lives, published in November 2020. My next book will be about Westerners’ search for meaning in Asia, from Greeks to geeks and taking in everyone from Samuel Taylor Coleridge through to T.S. Eliot and Marie Kondo along the way. With luck, it will be out in 2023.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the main image on my website, these are statues of ‘Jizō’: a Buddhist deity who keeps watch over children and travellers. You can find them all across Japan, merging over time with their surrounds to become features of the natural landscape.

Image credit: Jordy Meow @ Pixabay