Japan Society for the History of Psychiatry 2011 Conference

Aichi Prefectural University

Just back from the Japan Society for the History of Psychiatry conference, at Aichi Prefectural University, where I presented some early thoughts on Heisaku Kosawa’s personal papers. We were in a part of the university built for the Expo back in 2005, so it’s still all brand spanking new, with a little monorail taking you out from the city of Nagoya to the campus itself.

I’ve posted a copy of the handout here – feel free to take a look (but please let me know if you want to use it in any way).

That presentation aside, it was wonderful to have a chance to talk with Japanese and American colleagues in depth. The language barrier often means that Japanese- and English-language sets of scholarship on the same or similar topics don’t communicate, and draw on one another, as much as they might – and should. The history of psychiatry is still a fairly niche interest within Japanese academia, which makes things potentially even trickier. So it was good to go a little way towards overcoming that.

Miso katsu

Our hosts were very kind, with great food including some sort of special Nagoya chicken as well as miso sauce over breaded pork cutlets (‘miso katsu’) – I don’t want this to turn into a culinary blog, but good eating now and again is certainly a perk of the job…

A working paper relating to this project will follow in the next couple of weeks or so, so I’ll leave it to then to explain a little more about how the research is progressing.

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