Free Thinking

Below are episodes of BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking, which I have presented. For guest appearances, and other radio and podcast work, click here

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Oxford Philosophy

Guests: Rachael Wiseman, David Edmonds, Mark Rowe and Nikhil Krishnan


Boyhood to Manhood

Guests: Jeffrey Boakye, Luke Turner and Lisa Sugiura 


Yellowface, AI and Asian Stereotpyes

Guests: Rebecca Kuang, Kerry McInerney and Daron Acemoglu and Ghislaine Boddington (2023)

Mountaineering, Lizzie Le Blond and Sport

Guests: Rachel Hewitt, Ben Anderson and Caroline Williams (2023)

Religion and Science

Guests: Nicholas Spencer, Emily Qureshi-Hurst and Philip Ball (2023)

New Generation Thinkers 2023

Guests: all 10 of the NGTs…!


Tin Cans, Cutlery and Sewing

Guests: Chris Corker, Lindsay Middleton and Serena Dyer (2023)

Lady Macbeth

Guests: Zinnie Harris, Isabelle Schuler, Michelle Assay and Emma Whipday (2023)

My Neighbour Totoro

Guests: Tom Morton-Smith, Michael Leader, Shiro Yoshioka and Xina Yao (2022)

David Chalmers and Iain McGilchrist

Guests: David Chalmers and Iain McGilchrist 


Amia Srinivasan and Philosophical Genealogy

Guests: Amia Srinivasan, Christoph Schuringa and Catarina Dutilh Novaes (2022)


Guests: Ronald Hutton, Belinda Crerar, Gavanndra Hodge and Anjali Sanyal (2022)

Kyõsai and Mishima

Guests: Israel Goldman, Koto Sadamura, Stephen Dodd and Kate Taylor-Jones (2022)