Articles & Reviews – Full List


June 2024, Engelsberg Ideas, ‘Japan’s Genius for Crafts

June 2024, essay for UnHerd on ‘Julius Evola’s Asia’s influences

May 2024, review in Engelsberg Ideas of Playing God

April 2024, Engelsberg Ideas, ‘The Psychedelic Renaissance

February 2024, essay in The Telegraph, on Disney+’s Shōgun

January 2024, review in The Telegraph of Rebel Island

January 2024, Aeon, ‘How Alan Watts Re-Imagined Religion, Desire and Life Itself

January 2024, Prospect, ‘Japan’s Nuremberg‘ (review of Gary J. Bass, Judgement at Tokyo).

January 2024, The Spectator, ‘The Man who got the West to Fall in Love with India’s Sacred Literature

January 2024, review in History Today of Judgement at Tokyo.


December 2023, UnHerd‘C.S. Lewis and the Myth of Christmas’

December 2023, UnHerd‘In Defence of Weebs’

November 2023, UnHerd, ‘How to Re-Wild Christianity’

November 2023, History Today, ‘Christianity’s Bloody History in Japan’

October 2023, review in The Telegraph of The Rainbow

October 2023, Engelsberg Ideas, ‘Celebrating Anpanman at Fifty’

October 2023, review in The Telegraph of Party of One

August 2023, BBC History Magazine, ‘The Great Kantō Earthquake’ 

July 2023, review in The Telegraph of The Lion and the Dragon

June 2023, review in The Telegraph of Korea: A New History of South and North

May 2023, review in The Telegraph of Traditionalism

May 2023, review for Engelsberg Ideas of Magisteria

March 2023, review in The Telegraph of China and Russia

February 2023, Engelsberg Ideas, When the Samurai Came to America


July 2022, Engelsberg Ideas, essay for ‘Great Books’ series on Bede Griffiths’ The Golden String

July 2022, Engelsberg Ideas, essay on Japanese and German rearmament

May 2022, The TelegraphHow the Oscar Wilde of Japan Tried to Stage a Military Coup

April 2022, The TelegraphFrom Chinoiserie to Fu Manchu

April 2022, Engelsberg Ideas‘Mishima’s Search for Meaning in Postwar Japan’

April 2022, review in The Telegraph of The Avoidable War?

Spring 2022, Royal Academy MagazineDemon with a Brush

February 2022, review in The Telegraph of In the Camps How I Survived a Chinese ‘Re-Education’ Camp

February 2022, Engelsberg IdeasYosano Akiko – A Great of Modern Japanese Poetry

January 2022, The TelegraphJessica Kingdon’s Ascension

January 2022, review in The Telegraph of Kingdom of Characters


December 2021, review in The Telegraph of Pearl Harbor & Hitler’s Gamble

November 2021, review in The Telegraph of The Sisters Mao

October 2021, The Telegraph‘Cinema’s New Cold War’

October 2021, review in The Telegraph of Ai Weiwei’s memoir, 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows

July 2021: review in The Telegraph of The Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives & China’s Leaders: From Mao to Now

February 2021: review in The Telegraph of Jonathan Clements’ The Emperor’s Feast

July 2021, BBC History Magazine‘Tokyo Olympics 1964’


December 2020: review in The Telegraph of Jonathan Kaufman’s Kings of Shanghai

May 2020: BBC History MagazineWhat is History’s Greatest Mystery?


May 2019: History Today, Why Japan Stopped Fighting

April 2019: review in The Telegraph of Julia Lovell’s Maoism: A Global History

March 2019: review in The Guardian of Naoko Abe’s ‘Cherry’ Ingram

January 2019: The New York Times‘Marie Kondo and the Life-Changing Magic of Japanese Soft Power’

January 2019: review in The Telegraph of Ramachandra Guha’s Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World, 1914 – 48


November 2018: The GuardianTop 10 Books about Japan

November 2018: BBC History MagazinePearl Harbor and Samurai ‘Mon’

October 2018: Essay on ghosts in Japanese culture, for The Telegraph‘s Saturday Review

September 2018: feature piece in The Telegraph, on Paul Fonoroff’s Chinese Movie Magazines

August 2018: Aeon Magazine, ‘Ghosts on the Shore

August 2018: review in The Telegraph of Stephen Platt’s Imperial Twilight

July 2018: review in The Spectator of Alex Kerr’s Another Kyoto

June 2018: BBC World Histories, ‘Japan’s Growing Pains’

2017 & earlier

January 2017: History Today, ‘Japan’s Charles Dickens’

October 2016: Aeon Magazine‘The Be All and End All’

July 2016: BBC News Magazine, ‘How Japan Came to Believe in Depression’

April 2016: review in The Telegraph of Frank Dikotter’s The Cultural Revolution

December 2015: review in The Telegraph of Kenzaburo Oe’s Death By Water

August 2015: BBC News Magazine, Three Western Myths About Japan

December 2014: BBC History Magazine, ‘Real Lives of the Kamikaze’ [accompanying podcast here]

November 2014: Aeon Magazine, Into Nothingness

November 2014: History Today, ‘What Were the Wartime Japanese Thinking?

June 2014: review in The Telegraph of Ben Shepard’s Headhunters: the Search for a Science of the Mind

January 2014: Aeon Magazine, ‘Silent Communion: Is Christian Meditation a Contradiction?

November 2012: Aeon Magazine, ‘Couched in Kindness: Jakucho Setouchi and Japanese Psychoanalysis