Please find below links to some of my print journalism. For a full list, please click here.

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February 2023, Engelsberg Ideas, ‘When the Samurai Came to America

Spring 2022, Royal Academy Magazine, ‘Demon with a Brush

January 2022, The Telegraph, Jessica Kingdon’s Ascension

October 2021, The Telegraph, ‘Cinema’s New Cold War’

July 2021, BBC History Magazine, ‘Tokyo Olympics 1964’

May 2019: History Today, ‘Why Japan Stopped Fighting

January 2019: The New York Times, ‘Marie Kondo and the Life-Changing Magic of Japanese Soft Power’

November 2018: The Guardian, Top 10 Books about Japan

August 2018: Aeon Magazine, ‘Ghosts on the Shore

January 2017: History Today, ‘Japan’s Charles Dickens’

October 2016: Aeon Magazine, ‘The Be All and End All’

July 2016: BBC News Magazine, ‘How Japan Came to Believe in Depression’

August 2015: BBC News Magazine, ‘Three Western Myths About Japan

November 2014: History Today,What Were the Wartime Japanese Thinking?

January 2014: Aeon Magazine, ‘Silent Communion: Is Christian Meditation a Contradiction?