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The Psychedelic Renaissance

Engelsberg Ideas (April 2024)

Japan’s Nuremberg

Prospect (January 2024)

When the Samurai Came to America

Engelsberg Ideas (February 2023) 

Demon with a Brush

Royal Academy Magazine (Spring 2022)

Jessica Kingdon’s Ascension

The Telegraph (January 2022)

Cinema’s New Cold War

The Telegraph (October 2021)

Tokyo Olympics 1964

BBC History Magazine (July 2021)

Why Japan Stopped Fighting

History Today 

(May 2019)

Top 10 Books about Japan

The Guardian (November 2018)

Ghosts on the Shore

Aeon Magazine (August 2018)

Japan’s Charles Dickens

History Today (January 2017)

The Be All and End All

Aeon Magazine (October 2016)

How Japan Came to Believe in Depression

BBC News Magazine 

(July 2016)